Inspiring Testimonials

Many have shared their thoughts and experiences of how Angela’s story has inspired their own lives. Here is just a few of the inspiring testimonials Angela has received from sharing her story.


lisa-nichols-006“Miracles in Action is a transparent and beautiful story that will move you out of your comfort zone and into your divine destiny. No matter who you are, you find yourself within these pages.”

~ Lisa Nichols, NY Times Best Selling Author of “No Matter What

“Angela Alexander shares a personal story of loss and redemption. Anybody who has ever gone through a tough time will be able to relate and take powerful lessons and insights from these pages. This is a must read for anyone looking to make it beyond the pain of loss and heartache.”

~ Les Brown, World’s Leading Motivational Speaker & Best-selling Author

dividerMarilyn McCoo - Billy Davis Jr.“Angela, in her relatively short life, has been faced with more than her share of incredible circumstances, any one of which could have changed her outlook on life. We have watched our niece not only endure but triumph over these challenges with a continuing positive attitude and an abiding trust in God. Indeed, it is her faith that has carried her through. By sharing her experiences in Miracles in Action, she provides encouragement and inspiration to all of us to rise above our losses and misfortunes and live our lives to the fullest.”

~ Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr.
Grammy award-winning artists, formerly of The Fifth Dimension

dividerRev. William P. Bennett“You exemplify Dr. Schuller’s philosophy of Tough Times Never Last but Tough People Do. Thank you, once again, for making a difference in the lives of those you touch with your voice and your book.”

~ Rev. William P. Bennett, The Crystal Cathedral

“There are very few books that I will make the time to read in one sitting. ‘Miracles in Action’ was one of those books! I could not put this book down. I had the opportunity to meet this awesome woman recently. Angela shared her testimony at the ‘Embracing the Greatness Within Conference’ in Riverside, CA. You will want to hear her story, it will bless and amaze you.”

~ Gwen Thibeaux, Author of Embracing the Greatness Within

dividerLavada-Thompson“Angela’s remarkable and touching personal story inspires hope, peace and unmovable joy. For me personally, this workbook helped me to heal parts of my heart deep down inside I didn’t even know needed healing and has enabled me to forgive. Thank you, Angela, for using your testimony to help heal the wounded and the grieved.” 

~ Lavada Thompson, Entrepreneur

dividerYolanda-Mason-88px“As I read Miracles in Action – I loved when Angela met her husband Surie, he’s hilarious. As a single woman of God I pray that the Lord created these special moments for me and my Boaz. How they met, married, managed medical emergencies, and then blessed with children were truly Godly orchestrated. I want to encourage you all to read and experience Miracles in Action as you search for your own purpose, power, and peace.”

~ Yolanda Mason, CEO Coach

“I began reading and I couldn’t put it down. I laughed, I cried and experienced a plethora of emotions as I journeyed with Angela and God’s amazing love and power of forgiveness. By the end, I knew it was God who wanted me to read the book. I was the one who was in need of healing! This book is for anyone, young or old who perhaps is grieving, dealing with pain in their life, or just looking for a compelling story to read. It will change you, as it did me.”

~ Vanessa Hidalgo, The Compassionate Clown Company

Nicole Mosely“Great book and must read for all. Angela Alexander is a great mom who has a personal testimony of God’s purpose being fulfilled through what we would consider tragic. I highly recommend reading her book.” ~ Nicole Mosely

Steven Segovia“Angela & Surie Alexander have been a blessing and a true testimony of God’s faithfulness. On behalf of every member of the 2B1 Marriage Mission We say thank you for your obedience and strength in writing a book that inspires, motivates and challenges every believer to strive for a closer walk with God. Your book will become required reading for all of our Mission Network Partners. We count it a honor to know and serve God along side you.” ~ Steven Segovia

dividerRosa Alarcon
“Angela’s faith is what the testimony is all about. Without faith, no normal person could have gotten past their loss in such a peaceful way. After reading this book, I have changed the way I look at everyday situations and I look for the miracles of God in everything.”  ~ Rosa Alarcon

Sal Torres“Angela Alexander’s Life experience and testimony is very touching. You would never know by meeting her for the first time what she has been through. I highly recommend getting her book.”
~ Sal Torres

dividerDonnalynn Davis“Although a very hard story to hear, it is one you MUST know. What I learned from her: If she Angela can go through this, I can go through anything with God’s help. I will never forget her, her strength, her kindness and her great willingness to share her pain so that others might know: God’s plan isn’t always easy, but He will sustain. I just love this amazing Christian woman!”
~ Donnalynn Davis

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