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Below, you’ll find links to the entire Digital Workbook and the Coaching Videos.

Start by downloading your copy of The Miracles In Action Grief and Forgiveness
Workbook. Then simply watch video 1,  and then be sure to take the time to read
and do the work in the workbook before moving on.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

Expect God’s favor,

Angela Alexander

 Start by Downloading Your Digital Workbook  




Step 1: When We Suffer Loss

Step 2: Telling Your Story

Step 3: Acknowledging the Hurt

Step 4: Where Was God When I Needed Him?

Step 5: What is Forgiveness, Really?

Step 6: Saying Goodbye to The Pain

Step 7: Good Grief

Step 8: The Ministry of Music

Step 9: The Miracle is in the Action

Step 10: Turing Pain into Power and Grief into Peace

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Pain Into Power and Grief Into Peace