About Angela

Having her two eight-year-old sons pass in a horrific car accident, Angela Alexander has experienced ache in the very depths of her soul. Today, she is a living testimony of God’s amazing grace and supernatural comfort that not only sustains her but has allowed her to feel true joy again.

Born the seventh child “the wonder child” in a family of eight, her life has been blessed with great wonders and adventures and more than its share of incredible circumstances. Her early life planted the seeds of faith, love, family, service, and an entrepreneurial drive that continues as she grows her Miracles in Action Ministry.

As an inspirational speaker, Angela boldly shares with audiences how God allowed her to transform what could have easily devastated her family’s life forever into a ministry that blesses all who hear her incredible testimony.

Angela lives with her husband and children in Southern California and is a spokesperson for New Hope Grief Support Community. In 2005, Angela retired from the Air Force reserves after serving on bases worldwide. She is now pursuing her Ministry full time and sharing her message of hope, healing, and transformation through her speaking engagements, workshops, books, videos, and soon-to-be-released documentary film.

To find out when Angela is available and how her message will inspire, encourage and uplift your event/organization! Please call 909.296.1273 or click here

Pain Into Power and Grief Into Peace